About Tatum


Tatum Strieter is an experienced intuitive medium who channels Spirit and those who have passed on in order to bring closure and peace to her clients. Tatum has a passion for helping others which can be seen when she works with each of her clients. She has a true gift for understanding people and bringing them the answers and peace that they are searching for. As a child, Tatum knew that she had intuitive abilities however she repressed them out of fear.  It was not until later in life that she began to become more comfortable with her abilities and her energy. In learning to become more comfortable with energy work, Tatum studied reiki and intuitive healing. Tatum offers intuitive readings which combine her psychic and mediumship gifts, tarot and oracle card readings, reiki energy healing and intuitive healing sessions which combine reiki energy work with inner child healing as well as past life regression to get to the root of the issue that her clients are experiencing. Tatum is also available for house cleansing and blessing sessions on your home, land or office space.

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