Soul Transitions

As we all set out on this journey called life, one thing that we can count on, is that one day we will transition to the next chapter. It is completely unavoidable. For many this is an uncomfortable or easy topic, put off into the corner of our minds until a trigger occurs which brings the thought to light. The thought of losing a loved one or our own transition no matter what our belief system can bring up emotions that are difficult to process.

Know that your loved ones, though not physically present, have not left you. They are very much present with you as you continue to walk through your everyday life. In some cases they want to make amends for past occurrences or they want to ensure that you are on or stay on the right path. In many cases, they are just checking in to see you and validate that they love you. They may give you little signs, small tokens to show that they are with you. As you begin to see or hear these signs and validate them, they may become more frequent. A penny, a feather, a flickering light, a favorite song that you hear repeatedly, embrace them and know that you are loved. Call upon your loved ones, talk to them, they hear you and will respond to you through the signs that they give you. It is your job to be patient and listen for the signs that they provide. They now communicate with you in a different way than you are familiar with.

Just as you are now experiencing changes, your loved one is experiencing changes as they transition to the next stage in their journey. Though they are not physically present, their soul has now attained knowledge that they did not have in this life, they have become more aware, more clear. They are at peace, without pain and are ready for the learning that they will receive as they continue to prepare their souls for their next journey.

Spirit is always with you, as you walk through your everyday life, in the smallest of your actions and decisions to the largest, with you. When you are experiencing the loss of a loved one whether it be a sudden loss or a prolonged loss, Spirit knows and understands the pain that you are feeling. They ask that you reach out to them, your angels, talk to them and hand over your pain, your feelings. You may be feeling anger, be confused and resentful which is all normal. You are asked not to hold it all inside of you. Release those feelings in a healthy way, a way that works for you,  allow yourself to heal from the loss that you have experienced. Begin to see that though it feels like a loss, it is more of a transition from this chapter to the next chapter. Celebrate the life that was and the life that will be.